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Maximize Asset Potential with Rexo Assets

Rexo Assets is the ultimate option for businesses looking for unrivaled control and efficiency while managing their asset inventory. Rexo Assets is designed with precision and convenience of use in mind, and it includes comprehensive capabilities that cover all aspects of asset management.

Rexo Assets allows you to manage every facet of your asset inventory, including stock availability and depreciation data.



Complete Inventory Control

With Rexo Assets, you are not only managing assets but also orchestrating them with precision. Gain full visibility into your asset inventory, from acquisition to disposal.

Streamlined Stock Availability

Know exactly what assets are available, where they are, and who is responsible for them at any given time. Rexo Assets provides real-time stock availability information.

Easy Asset Addition and Categorization

Adding new assets, categorizing them, and allocating them to certain departments or locations has never been simpler.

Effortless Asset Assignments

Rexo Assets facilitates the assignment process, whether it's giving devices to individual staff members or designating equipment for a specific area.

Effective Auditing with QR Codes

Say goodbye to laborious asset audits. Rexo Assets' Android and iOS apps use QR code scanning to provide quick and accurate asset audits.

Simplified Asset Scrapping

When assets approach the end of their useful life or become obsolete, Rexo Assets streamlines the scrapping procedure.


App Features

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Handle Stock Availability

You may effectively monitor the assets in your company's inventory by using pointers. You may quickly view stock levels .

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Add All Features

With the help of pointers, you can quickly add new items, classify them, and designate them for particular departments, places, or employees.

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Inward Asset Stock

Tracking inward asset stock fluctuations is simple when you use pointers. You can precisely monitor the addition of assets to your inventory.

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Assign Assets

Using pointers makes it easier to assign assets to certain areas or employees. With a few clicks, you can easily assign assets.

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Audit Assets using QR Codes

Use pointers to quickly audit assets using QR codes that can be scanned with an iOS or Android app. This guarantees accuracy.

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Asset Scrapping Made Easy

You may quickly designate assets as trashed within the program when their useful life is up or they become outdated.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A complete asset management solution, Rexo Assets is made to assist companies in effectively monitoring, controlling, and maximizing their asset inventory.

Businesses of all sizes and sectors that depend on a variety of assets, such as machinery, equipment, technology devices, and more, for their operations should consider using Rexo Assets.

Stock availability management, asset addition and classification, asset assignment, asset scrapping, QR code-based auditing, depreciation reporting, and configurable reporting are just a few of the capabilities that Rexo Assets provides.

Yes, user-friendliness was considered in the design of Rexo Assets. Users may easily explore and make effective use of the platform because to its simple design and optimized procedures.

Rexo Assets does indeed provide mobile accessibility with its apps for iOS and Android, enabling users to manage assets while on the go and perform audits by scanning QR codes.

Businesses may track the value of their assets over time and make wise financial decisions by using Rexo Assets, which automatically calculates asset depreciation based on purchase facts and generates insightful depreciation reports.

Yes, Rexo Assets has configurable reporting tools that let companies create reports that meet their unique needs, whether it's for assessing maintenance expenses, projecting future demands, or tracking asset utilization.

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