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Optimize Processes with RexoProperty CRM

Real estate or construction companies work on a variety of projects in various industries and for different clients. Every project offers a unique set of advantages and disadvantages, ranging from straightforward to exceedingly complex. Depending on the type of project, different requirements and budgets apply to gathering materials, keeping track of project files, managing scope modifications, forecasting, etc. Numerous functions need to be carefully controlled since they carry potential dangers.


Extensive CRM

Our one-stop shop is made to accommodate the various demands of real estate brokers. Every stage of the process is covered by RexoProperty, from lead management to property tracking.

Enhanced Workflows

RexoProperty's user-friendly features and adaptable workflows let your team work more efficiently rather than harder. Greetings to more efficiency and productivity.

Business Expansion

Are you prepared to reach new heights in your real estate company? RexoProperty gives you the resources and knowledge you need to find opportunities, develop leads, and growth.

Competitive Pricing

RexoProperty guarantees that you receive the most return on your investment by providing customizable pricing plans and budgets of real estate professionals.

Proven Track Record

Countless real estate professionals have already benefited from RexoProperty's industry-leading CRM solution by choosing to join them.


App Features

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Project Planning And Management

  • Generate property data.
  • End-to-End Project Management.
  • Document Management System.
  • Seamless Site or Unit Management

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Seamless Booking Management

  • Booking Information Management
  • Commission Management
  • More Bookings Fewer Cancellation
  • Agents, Broker, Receipt and Payment Management

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Employee Performance and Customer Relationship

  • Team Performance
  • Team Daily Activity
  • Inquiry Management
  • Generate Leads & Close Deals

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Analytic Reports

  • Financial Reports
  • Customer Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Team Performance Reports
  • Project & Sitewise Reports

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Lead Management

  • Easily Collect
  • Develop
  • Convert Leads

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Insightful Analytics

  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Company's performance through analytics and insights.

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Integration Capabilities

  • Easily Incorporate
  • Centralize your Workflows

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Training & Support

  • Extensive Training Materials
  • Data Encryption

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Frequently Asked Questions

A feature-rich CRM system made specifically for the real estate industry is called RexoProperty. Through effective lead and property management, workflow optimization, and business expansion via streamlined operations and greater productivity, your real estate company can benefit from it.

Effective lead capturing, organization, and nurturing are all made possible using RexoProperty. Offering thorough tracking features and expediting the listing to the closing process, it also aids in property management.

RexoProperty offers customized solutions to satisfy the requirements of independent agents as well as brokerages.

Yes, RexoProperty can be modified to meet the unique requirements of your real estate company. Contact our demo team for assistance in tailoring the platform to your specific needs.

We offer comprehensive training programs and dedicated support to its users, ensuring they have the assistance they need to succeed.

Yes, storing private real estate documents and data on RexoProperty is secure. We give careful consideration to the security of your private information and take strong precautions to keep it safe. As a result, we give you a safe platform on which to manage your real estate records and information.

Yes, RexoProperty is made to work easily with other technologies and platforms that are frequently employed in the real estate industry. By centralizing your workflows, increases productivity and guarantees compatibility with your current tools.


Need A Consultation?

To get started, just get in touch with our sales staff. We will walk you through every step of putting
RexoProperty into practice to improve your company's training programs.