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REXOSALES: Your Essential Anchor for Distribution

RexoSales are cognizant of the difficulties and complexities involved in effectively managing sales and distribution networks. For this reason, we have created an intuitive platform that offers real-time data and solutions to help you optimize the effectiveness of your distribution and revenue-generating actions. RexoSales enables you to make data-driven decisions that spur growth and raise profitability by utilizing the power of real-time analytics.


Streamlined Distribution Management

You can focus on what matters—growing your business—by streamlining the management of your distribution and sales channels with RexoSales.

Real-Time Analytics

RexoSales enables you to make data-driven decisions that spur growth and raise profitability by utilizing the power of real-time analytics.

Maximize Sales and Distribution

We at RexoSales are dedicated to assisting you in reaching your sales and distribution objectives.

Strategic Sales and Distribution Management

Our platform offers extensive tools and statistics to help you make well-informed decisions and successfully implement strategies.

Enhanced Sales and Marketing Tracking

Our all-inclusive feature for tracking team activity in sales and marketing was created to improve and optimize your sales and marketing processes.

Boost Sales and Marketing Efficiency

With the help of the Sales and Marketing Team Activity Tracking function in RexoSales, you can manage your sales and marketing campaigns.


App Features

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Order Booking & Management

Monitor all orders that your sales team has placed in real-time. Instant access to order status and progress information allows you to guarantee prompt fulfillment and delivery.

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Clients or Party Visits

Keep an eye on your team's client visits and interactions to make sure they are taking advantage of chances and forging lasting bonds with important stakeholders.

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Live GPS Monitoring

GPS Tracking allows you to be aware of the whereabouts of your sales staff. You can monitor their whereabouts in real time and make sure they're always on course.

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Punch In and Out

Use the Punch In and Out tool to precisely record attendance and working hours.

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Tour Planning

Make effective use of the built-in tour planning tools to plan and coordinate the sales tours for your team. To increase productivity and save travel time, plan appointments.

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Expense Management

With integrated expense management technologies, you may streamline the procedures of tracking and reimbursed expenses. Enable mobile expense submission for your team.

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Real-time Order Tracking

Using the RexoSales platform, all stakeholders have access to real-time order tracking data during the order fulfillment process.

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Productivity and Efficiency

RexoSales facilitates improved supply chain management by optimizing order booking and delivery procedures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

RexoSales is a feature-rich platform made to help firms manage their sales team and distribution channels more efficiently. It offers analytics to support well-informed decision-making, improves communication, streamlines order administration, and delivers real-time insights. In essence, RexoSales gives companies the ability to manage their sales and distribution channels more effectively, which eventually boosts productivity and income.

RexoSales is useful for a variety of sectors, particularly those with retail and distribution channels. The industries that fall under the FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) category include consumer electronics, pharmaceuticals, apparel and fashion, automobiles, food and beverage, health and beauty, and industrial manufacturing.

RexoSales streamlines order administration, improves stakeholder communication, and offers real-time analytics to optimize distribution routes. With capabilities like inventory control, route optimization, and order tracking, RexoSales enables companies to make data-driven decisions, cut expenses, and boost overall productivity in their distribution operations.

Of course! RexoSales is designed to easily interface with a wide range of current software and business systems. This guarantees interoperability and facilitates seamless data interchange between RexoSales and other technologies that your company could be utilizing. RexoSales can be set up to integrate with your current setup, accounting software, CRM platforms, or ERP systems, to maximize productivity and streamline processes.

Yes, user-friendliness was considered in the design of RexoSales. Users may easily become accustomed to the platform's features and functionalities because of its simple navigation and intuitive design, which makes it suitable for companies of all sizes.

RexoSales ensures data security and privacy through robust measures such as encryption, access controls, and compliance with relevant regulations.

RexoSales offers comprehensive customer support to assist users. We provide online documentation, tutorials, FAQs, and dedicated support channels for technical assistance.


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